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Tax Time Can Have a Silver Lining

Is there is anyone who doesn’t get a knot in their stomach when they have to get ready to pay their taxes?

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Nothing is Certain except Death and Taxes.” Since we all have to pay taxes let’s think about a possible positive outcome.

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notebook, paper and glasses The Value of an Estate Book

We all know how difficult losing a loved one can be. This grief can be compounded by frustration for survivors if the affairs of our loved one are in disarray. One way you can ensure your family and friends do not experience this frustration is to set up an Estate Book for yourself. Read More

woman looking at computer Separation Anxiety

When you hear this term most of us think of a young child being upset that their parent is leaving them. In fact Wikipedia tells us that Separation anxiety disorder (SAD), is a psychological condition in which an individual experiences excessive anxiety regarding separation from home or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment (e.g. a parent, caregiver, or siblings). It is most common in infants and small children, typically between the ages of 6–7 months to 3 years. Read More

file folders How Long Should I Keep This Paperwork?

As I help people with bill paying and organization, I continue to be surprised about how much people keep. People tend to keep WAY too much including utility bills, credit cards statements and receipts for years past. Read More

man looking at computer monitor Beware of Medical Identity Theft

Medical Identity theft occurs when a thief uses your name and health identity to get exams and treatments, get prescriptions or other care services. You may think that this only affects the insurance company but it can have devastating effects on you as well. Read More

hands typing on a computer keyboard Don’t Forget Your Digital Assets!

In addition to dealing with the emotion upheaval when someone dies, we all have a digital footprint that needs to be removed. Each of us that is even somewhat active online, has a lot of private information out there including: address history, birth date, financial institutions, social security numbers and other detailed information. Read More


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