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Bill Paying

We will go through the mail, sort, file, pay what is needed and deposit checks for you.

Health Insurance

We can reconcile your claims and make sure you are not being overcharged.Services include filing claims or FSA forms.

Organization of Financial Records

We can set up files for your paperwork for easy retrieval in your home or office.

Perform Telephone Inquires

With our clients permission we will contact companies and vendors to inquire about unknown charges.

Notary Public

Available as a courtesy for our clients.

Bank Account Reconciliation

After completing bill payments, we will reconcile your checking to insure you are always aware of the available balance and never pay a late fee.

Other Related Services

Upon client request we can provide other services, which will be billed at the regular rates. This can include providing information to tax preparers, handling household payroll, budgeting assistance etc.