These resources have been helpful to some of our clients. If you need a resource other than those shown here, Please ask, there is a good chance we know someone who can help you.

Elixir Fund– a non profit organization that supports people going through cancer treatments and provides and opportunity for friends and family to provlpfulheide services that they want and need.

Websites:  This is an excellent site that offers practical strategies for dealing with aging or ill family members. It highlights helpful resources for healthcare, financial, legal, and safety issues along with understanding family dynamics. The site uses stories of real families to educate and inform. You can also find caregiver advice on the site to help you manage your stress while continuing to take care of your loved one.
American Association of Retired Persons
Legal Services of New Jersey
National Council on Aging

Video:  Internet Safety Guide For Seniors

Articles: article on daily money managers and how they help seniors. Also hints for working with DMMs.
Do You Need a Daily Money Manager?, The Motley Fool, August 2008
Dealing with aging parent’s finances, The China Post, June 2008
Why Seniors Should Consider Daily Money Management  

Daily Money Management for Seniors 2015