Nancy Sobin is the consummate professional. The quality of her work is outstanding. She is efficient, well organized, and really cares about her clients. Nancy is a delight to work with and we wish everyone was as on top of things as she is. We give her our highest recommendation.

— Harvey, Marjorie and Sally Silk,   Lawrenceville, NJ


With the passing of a family member, I needed help with 25 boxes of financial paperwork. Nancy was recommended to me by my CPA. As soon as she arrived she began to sort through reams of financial paper that had been stored away for years.  After three days of sorting, Nancy reduced the paperwork to three small piles.  She helped me shred 105 lbs of paper. Nancy also helped me with estate bills, and showed me what to cancel, what to pay, what calls to make and what paperwork to wait for. During a highly stressful time, Nancy took charge and finished a task in three days that would have taken me months. Nancy is a godsend.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

— Anne Convery, Newtown PA


I worked with Nancy Sobin at Professional Paperwork Services in 2015 to help clean out my mother’s home in Edgewater, NJ.

Nancy worked on the reams and reams of paperwork that my mother had saved for over 25. She culled through and discarded the bulk of the paper in a short period of time retaining the important documents for my records. Multiple large garbage bags were brought for shredding. She reduced the paperwork that was kept to one organized box of essential items.
With all the decisions that I needed to make, Nancy was an invaluable help. I could not have gotten this completed without her.
— Darrie Schlesinger